Who I am, what I do

Welcome! I am a teacher and researcher interested in the relationship between language and expertise, rhetorical topology, WAC/WID scholarship, and corpus linguistics. The combination of these interests has lead me to work with students, faculty, and professionals from a variety of disciplines and areas, which is what I most love about what I do. Whether I am working with communication in STEM, applied fields, the humanities, or emerging interdisciplines, I am interested in how we can improve communication across boundaries to better circulate what we know about the world to others, and what we can learn in return. 

Praxis in Works & Days

In the fall of 2016, Rhetoric@Reno (the University of Nevada, Reno graduate chapter of the Rhetoric Society of America) invited rhetorical scholars from across the US to a symposium responded to Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.The work from the conference resulted in a special edition of the journal Works & Days: “The 40th Anniversary Retrospective: Capitalism, Climate Change, and Rhetoric.” The full contents of the journal, along with my piece on the role of praxis in the history of the journal can be found here: http://www.worksanddays.net/W&D%202019.html

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